Women represent:


of all TTPSC employees


TTPSC technical department employees


of all TTPSC management staff


of management staff in TTPSC technical departments

Together we will prove that women in IT have not only potential, but true power! We want to work together, regardless of our position or location, and build a community for which nothing is impossible!

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Together with several girls, we noticed that women in our company (and not only here) are not using their full potential, and we know that they can can do much better.

So we decided to start a society for all female professionals, with the goal of boosting their self-confidence, supporting their professional development and sharing our own experiences.

Aleksandra Grzelak

Aleksandra Grzelak

WFM & Delivery Manager


Our mission is to empower women in the company by providing the right tools and inspiration to boost self-confidence and self-development, enabling them to build their own strong personal brand. We welcome all (regardless of department and position) women working at TTPSC to co-create Women in Power!

The primary goal is to raise the share of women in executive positions, and furthermore, to increase women's employment in the company.



We will socialize at themed conventions (all of us!)


We will invite inspiring guests for lectures and workshops (we will focus on soft skills development)


We will create the best possible conditions for internal networking and integration (because relationships are the key!)

WiP Academy for your Partner

Is your wife/partner considering a new career path? Is she thorough, meticulous and inquisitive? Is she looking for a job that could become her passion?


14:00 – Otwarcie

14:05 – Warsztat: “Jesteś marką. Marka kobiecego przywództwa” – Joanna Malinowska-Parzydło

15:30 – Przestrzeń na pytania

WiP Academy for your Partner
We have a solution!

The WiP Academy for your Partner is a new initiative at TTPSC that provides an opportunity to gain skills and know-how in software testing. We invite all ladies (partners of our employees) who want to change their career path and start their adventure in this field.

The recruitment for the "WiP Academy for your Partner" programme is now closed. However, we encourage you to keep an eye on our website, since considering the current interest in the programme, we are planning further editions.

Who are the ones behind it?

Urszula Wnuszyńska TT PSC
Urszula Wnuszyńska
I have been associated with TTPSC for over 12 years, currently in the role of DM/ Team Leader. I am an expert on security issues, and I am happy to share my experience and knowledge by conducting training, both on soft skills and topics related to business development. I am a lecturer at the Bialystok University of Technology, from which I graduated myself. I am also a mentor at the Coder Dojo Foundation and an active member of Geek Girls Carrot. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Informatics at Bialystok University of Technology and Leon Kozminski Academy in the fields of: IT Project Management and Executive MBA.
Ewa Białowąs TT PSC
Ewa Białowąs
I have been working at TT PSC for over 11 years now, with small breaks in between as my 2 lovely daughters were born. I started as a Java Developer and have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects for Airbus, Ericsson, VW, Roche and many others. For the past year I have been working as a certified Scrum Master. I support both teams and the entire organization in sharing the SCRUM know-how. I really enjoy taking on new challenges and blazing new trails. I prefer to act rather than talk. The words that motivate me are those by Anna Berenberg (Google): "Not to quit even when it seems like the most logical choice". I believe that there are no typically "feminine" or typically "masculine" fields. Anyone can be good at what they do!
Anna Wdowiak TT PSC
Anna Wdowiak
I have been working with Transition Technologies PSC for more than 3 years, and throughout this period I have been passionately developing in the HR field. My daily work and the projects I conduct show me that there is tremendous strength, talent and commitment in women and that their competence is sorely needed in the IT world. I believe that together we can motivate many women to break out of their patterns, insecurities and start changing their reality. I really like to refer to Steve Jobs' words: "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who change it" we badly need such crazy people.
Aleksandra Grzelak TT PSC
Aleksandra Grzelak
I have been working at TTPSC for over 10 years now and the male IT world is no stranger to me. I like to break stereotypes about women and show men that they can be wrong. I am inspired by strong women who have earner respect in a masculinized world - Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir, who said: " Whether women are better than men I cannot say - but I can say they are certainly no worse". It will take years for us to reach the status of being "no worse" than men in certain areas, but there is undoubtedly something to fight for, and we must take up this fight, not only for ourselves.

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